What has HBA Student Ministries had to change in regards to COVID Guidelines?

We are so excited to be able to offer this conference to students who attend in-person for 2022! While meeting at Ridgecrest Conference Center, as usual, we have had to make some changes to keep in step with COVID Guidelines and above all to ensure the health and safety of our students and chaperones. With that being said, here are a few items you need to know on our end:

  • We will be limiting the number of attendees to 1,000. The reason behind this limitation is to limit capacity numbers in our shared spaces being lowered for Social Distancing measures. For example, the main auditorium will be limited to seating 500 people at a time, and the cafeteria will be limited to 300 people at a time.
  • Once our registration is at maximum capacity we will no longer be able to accept new group registrations.
  • We will be implementing a 2 group block schedule for the entire weekend. The 2 groups will hold a maximum of 500 people each. Your church’s group will be placed in one of the two groups by us once we have all of our groups registered. Colored bracelets will be given out to each attendee indicating which group they belong to.
  • We will not be utilizing the indoor gyms for free time. There are still plenty of outdoor activities available, but there will be no indoor tournaments.
  • Each person will be required to sign a liability waiver provided by Ridgecrest Conference Center in regards to their COVID-19 Guidelines. Upon check-in each group leader will need to bring their group’s signed waivers to the registration area. Here is the link to the Waiver Form


What has Ridgecrest Conference Center had to change this year in regards to COVID Guidelines?

At Ridgecrest, the health and safety of guests and team members is a top priority. Staff are continually reviewing applicable safety guidelines, and have updated Ridgecrest’s processes and procedures to ensure excellence while minimizing risk. In doing so, they are following guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of North Carolina and the Buncombe County Department of Health and Human Services.  Based on recent changes in those guidelines and recommendations, Ridgecrest Conference Center’s current guidelines can be found on their website:

Welcome Back to Ridgecrest

What changes does your church group need to make in light of this?

  • Register your group early so you don’t run the risk of missing out!
  • Go over any new changes with your adult leaders and students.
  • If you’re unclear on information please ask for clarity.
  • Respect the measures that are being taken by HBA Student Ministries and Ridgecrest Conference Center. We are doing everything we can to ensure we can offer this event to students, to keep safe, and to keep healthy. We believe this event is such an incredible blessing for students hearing the gospel and knowing what it is to follow Jesus… so let’s be thankful have a good attitude.