Today’s helpful tip comes from Justin Blair. He found that he was communicating with all his students differently and it was very time consuming to contact all of them with reminders about events, specific things to bring, and even just follow up after their large group gatherings.

He looked around and saw that all the students had texting in some shape or form. Of course there where students that had it on their phones, but to his surprise even the students that didn’t have phones had at least an iPod or a tablet that had a texting app on it. So he went to the internet to look for a solution. What he found was a FREE service designed for teachers to communicate safely and effectively with their students. The services allows students/parents to subscribe to your class via text messages or email and then you send one message and it pushes it out the all of them. You can download the Remind App on your device or you can go to and create an account. Then just download the instructions for joining and give it to your students.

A graphic with a phone on it showing what the dashboard of the Remind services looks like

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