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SoleHope is an organization that makes shoes for children in Uganda. The shoes provided, along with medical treatment, help to prevent jiggers. The medical treatment removes the the jiggers and treats the sores. A jigger is a type of flea that burrows itself into the feet of humans and then makes a pea size pocket before laying eggs. The eggs then hatch and the process reoccurs again and again. The jiggers cause terrible sores, bring disease, dismemberment, and at times death to their victims. SoleHope stepped in to provide the right shoes to change the world of those in Uganda. By making shoes stateside and then putting the shoes together in Uganda they have provided much hope to the victims of jiggers.

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Furthermore they have also provided hope to working men and women who make the shoes in Uganda. SoleHope’s core purpose is to effectively put in place preventive methods to combat diseases that enter through the feet and to create a positive physical and spiritual difference in the lives of individuals in impoverished communities. The have three core values:

  1. Relief- They believe in addressing the very real and present problems associated with the feet through medical intervention as well as taking preventative physical measures.
  2. Education- They believe that education of the youth and their caretakers is essential for long-term solutions.
  3. Sustainability- They believe in supporting communities and teaching the trade of shoe making. They innovate and demonstrate solutions that combine the best of indigenous and contemporary practice to create sustainable skills and employment.

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The reason we chose SoleHope is quite simple… To be Christ to the children and all the people we have contact with as we give, serve, and love the people of Uganda. We accomplish our mandate as believers by supporting the vision and core values of SoleHope with a twist… to point others to Jesus by our actions and most importantly with our words. The vision of the HBA Student Ministry with regards to SoleHope is a long term partnership to provide shoes, supplies, financial support, and to eventually aid with our physical presence in Uganda in the near future.

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Missions Opprotunity

Student have the opportunity to be involved this year in three different ways. The first is support financially through our missions offering. A simple offering of $10 covers the finances needed to pay the tailor, shoemaker, purchase shoe making supplies, and covers postage. The second is to be apart of a massive shoe cutting party that will be held Saturday, March 19th at 1:30pm in the Dining Hall during the HBA Student Conference. Lastly, by donating simple items to help with their jigger removals and Outreach House in Africa. Below is a list of those items. We will collect them and then deliver them to Salisbury, NC to be distributed to Uganda as needed.

  • large safety pins
  • medical gloves
  • band-aids
  • alcohol wipes
  • gauze wrap
  • triple antibiotic/Neosporin cream
  • child strength pain medication
  • medical tape
  • stickers for children
  • coloring books & crayons
  • donations for basins, soap, & other supplies to be bought in country

How to Prepare:

Students who want to be involved in SoleHope need to do three steps to prepare.

  1. Pray for the children, workers, and countless lives that will be touched through our efforts. Pray that the good news of Christ will be proclaimed though actions and most important words.
  2. Begin to collect the following items in preparation for our mass shoe cutting party while at the conference: Jeans (must be denim and can be a personal pair or a brand new pair). Fabric Scissors (must be actual fabric scissors), Thin Plastic Folders (color does not matter), Large Safety Pins, Gallon Zip Lock Bags, Ink Pens and Sharpies. These items will not be returned. We will save and store them for further shoe-making efforts.
  3. Take action and follow through. Come with a heart ready to serve.